Jenny-Marie Johnsen

Arctic Antarctic

Artproject for The art collection at the Norwegian researchstation Troll Queen Maudland Antarctica  2010. 


In commission by KORO – Public art Norway. 

ARCTIC ANTARCTIC Columnar – Granular 2010 is an art project developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Polar Institute. The original photographs were taken by scientists at the Polar Institute, and are based on samples of ocean ice taken in the Arctic. The millimetre thin sections of core ice have been photographed in polarised light in a laboratory where the temperature is minus 20 degrees Celsius. The light breaks through the ice crystals and creates a colour spectrum. In this way, scientists can decipher information about the crystal structure of the ice, climate changes and the history of the ice. The scientists classify the samples of ice as either Columnar or Granular: Columnar refers to ice in its extended form, while Granular refers to grainy ice. This kind of scientific research takes place in both the Arctic and in the Antarctic.

Through these images, I wish to highlight ice from an unknown micro-perspective, while uniting the two poles in their common feature. I have selected five different sections of ocean ice, which represent the two classifications. The motifs are displayed on a white background, while the colour and the sections have been adapted.

Jenny-Marie Johnsen